I'm Adam. My hobbies include quoting movies, making really bad jokes, and playing the Tenor Saxophone. If it wasn't for marching band, I'd have no friends. My lyrics are bottomless. I have an unhealthy obsession with ska music. Streetlight Manifesto is the greatest band on earth, but mine isn't bad either (See "La Banda" below). Television Resume: HIMYM, Friends, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, The Office, Arrested Development, Parks and Rec, Freaks and Geeks, 30 Rock, Chuck, Wilfred
That is all.




If Streetlight made their post about the special gift today, then according to my calculations, we should be getting them in about 6 months

So uh when was this post made?

4 months ago! Not a bad guess

I totally forgot about this post


be careful what you post online because future employers might see it and want to hang out with you because you’re so cool